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Southwick Specialty Advertising believes in being on the cutting edge, and with customer artwork, it is all the more important. By providing electronic art in the following formats, we can virtually eliminate spelling errors, and speed up the process of the order.

Electronic formats (Vector)
~ Tagged Image File Format – .tif (PC) or .tiff (MAC)
~ Encapsulated PostScript – .eps (PC or MAC) or .pdf  (with edit selected/saved)
~ Adobe Photoshop .psd (PC)

Bitmap files (Non-Vector) such as .jpeg, .bmp, .gif etc. generally cannot be used and are not true camera ready art useable on most imprints because they are low resolution, and colors cannot be separated.  Saving these files into a different format is not acceptable and does not make them vector.

MAC Users: Please compress and send a ZIP or Stuffit file
PC USers: Please compress and send a Zip file

Image files can be created using any graphics applications, for example Adobe Illustrator® or Corel Draw®. Outline all text or convert to curves.

If your art includes screens or fades, please contact Southwick for instructions.

If you’re in a bind, we can convert art and there may be a cost. Call us immediately if any questions @ 800.858.8090 x140.

What are the artwork requirements?

Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai file is preferred. Depending on the item and if it’s full color, Photoshop .psd may work as well. Adobe InDesign is not preferred, and in most cases, does not work for imprinting. A .pdf from Adobe Illustrator will work. .jpg, .gif .doc .png do not work.


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