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Multi-color imprinting is a great way to handle full color artwork and logos. Technology has made it affordable for any budget.

Are bags a good promotional product for your company?  Check out the latest video from Bagmakers to see the power of the bag!


Water Filtration in a cool looking water bottle – innovation meets safety.  check out more on this unique product offering:


Printed calendars continue to create 365 day a year advertising, even in this age of electronics – just take a look around your home, business, or client’s office. Summer is a great time to pre-order your calendars – take advantage of early discounts and pay/take delivery at the end of the year



This informative video delivers fast facts highlighting the No.1 room where people use and keep their promotional products — the kitchen.



Have you ever said “Our company never uses promotional products?”.   Take a look at this short video to see why consumers love promotional products:



Studies show that more purchases are made after a consumer receives a promotional product than after viewing a TV, print or online ad!



A short video that delivers fast facts highlighting one of the top rooms where people use and keep their promotional products — the office.



Writing Instruments – some fun facts you may not know



Reach & Recall – latest research video reveals that promotional products are the hands-down winner when it comes message recall—generating a 15-50% higher consumer recall rate than TV, print and online advertising!


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