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Make a Fashion Statement with Prescription Glasses

People often wear contacts so that the prescription glasses do not hide their faces. Glasses, however, are being made by top of the line designers and companies that enable people not to be afraid of their bifocals. There are many ways to turn prescription glasses into a fashion statement.

Solid Colors

Wearing prescription glasses that have a solid color is a great way to blend your glasses into almost any outfit you want. When picking out a color for your glasses try and pick colors such as dark red, black, and light or dark brown. These colors are acceptable to wear in any job setting whether you’re an at-home writer or a secretary at a law firm. If you want to wear brighter colors such as orange or light blue you may want to have two pairs of glasses; one pair for work and one pair for wearing when you’re out and about.

Match Your Hair and Skin

Certain colors look better with certain hair and skin tones. You don’t want your eyeglasses to fade into your face or take away from the natural beauty of your face either. People who have what is considered a cool skin tone have light eyes, light hair and a light skin tone. With a pale skin tone, you want your glasses to highlight your face, not outshine it. For people with a cool skin tone is best to wear rose, black or blue-grey glasses. For people who have a “warm” skin tone, it is best for them to wear the colors red, copper, gold or peach. Matching color with your skin or hair tone will ensure that glasses highlight your face instead of making it look garish. It is always up to you what color you wear but sticking to a guideline can help you find a color that works best for you.
Fashion with Prescription Glasses

Frames for the Shape of Your Face

Wearing a certain eyeglass frame shape can change your face in a few different ways. If you have sharp features square frames will look best on you. Square frames will enable you to narrow some of your sharp features such as a strong forehead. If your face is more heart-shaped, you should wear glasses with no bottom rim. Having no rim to your eyeglasses will balance your jaw with your cheeks. Round faces should wear thinner rectangular glasses. These eyeglasses thin your face and give you a very sophisticated look. If you have an oval face, you are really in luck! Oval shaped faces can wear almost any shape of the frame and still look good. The only suggestion for someone with an oval face is to wear a wider frame.

Shopping for Frames

Shopping for fashionable eyeglass frames is really easy. You can buy frames from sites like Even easier, the next time you go to your ophthalmologist, he may sell glasses as well. A lot of ophthalmologists have dozens of name brand and fashionable glasses for a reasonable price to sell. The most important thing when shopping for glasses is to remember to pick a pair of glasses that express you and your style; when you do that effectively you will look great!

A Brief Guide to Buying Prescription Contact Lenses

It is very interesting to note that although the concept of contact lenses was actually thought of in 1508 by Leonardo da Vinci, it only came into existence in the1970s, at least those that could be worn comfortably. However, we have come a long way from the traditional lenses. Today, contact lenses are worn for both utility as well as fashion, especially given the fact that lens manufacturers have created wonderful lenses that create fashion statements.

Sanitized and dry fingers are crucial to attaching contact lenses

Prescription contact lenses are those that are prescribed by eyecare practitioners, usually to correct vision-related problems in an individual. These lenses are different from lenses that do not help to correct any vision or Plano lenses, which are nonprescription lenses. It is pertinent to note that post-2004, it has become very difficult for people to obtain contact lenses without a prescription in the US. Still, most online shops are one-stop havens where you can buy both prescription and nonprescription contact lenses.

Possible Contact Lens Problems

Since contact lenses are in direct contact with your eyes and any problem that you have while using them could affect your eyes, physically as well as in terms of your eyesight, it’s suggested to buy them after being prescribed by your eye doctor. Common problems caused by wrong contact lenses include inflammation, discomfort, abrasion, or swelling. In some cases, it could also cause permanent damage to the tissues of the eye. Therefore, it is very important that you contact your eye care practitioner for prescribing contact lens, even if you require it for making a fashion statement and do not really require any vision correction.

Prescription for contact lenses is different from the prescription given for eyeglasses as it contains more information, which is not really required for glasses. While prescriptions for both glasses as well as contact lenses contains information regarding the sphere, axis, and cylinder of the lens, the prescription for contact lenses also contains information regarding the base curve and diameter along with the brand that will suit your needs. This is because the contact lens has to fit over your eye properly. Else, it could lead to a temporary loss of vision or other eye-related problems.

Expiry Dates

It is essential to note that any prescription for contact lenses has a limitation or validity period, usually 1-2 years, after which you have to get a fresh prescription. This is because most vision-related problems undergo changes over a period of time. While you can never get rid of such problems completely, they might increase or decrease in intensity and it is absolutely essential that you keep track of such changes and accordingly change the power of your lenses. Under these circumstances, it is better if there is a validity date for your prescription as you will then be regular with your eye checkup if only to renew your prescription.

Prescription contact lenses are available for several leading brands. It is important to buy only those brands suggested by your eye care practitioner as the base curve of one brand is different from the other. In other words, for the final fit in your eye that’s comfortable, it’s better to buy prescription contact lenses.

Save Money While Shopping

Shopping is inevitable for everyone of us and can be a burden when overspending habits – consciously or not – happen. There are several ways of cutting down on additional costs when shopping. Here are a few tips to help you save money and relieve you from financial stress.

Plan Your Trips and Stick to a Budget

Know how many times you hit the shops within a month and set a routine as to what you purchase with each trip. You should also know how much you spend on these goods. So the next time you are at the shops, jot down prices to use to prepare your next prudent budget.

You may want to shop for non-perishable (eg, household cleaning agents, toiletries, stationery) items once a month and perishable (vegetables, meats, cold beverages) items once a week. With your established routine, set a budget with the cash you already have (for the month) and separate them into envelopes. Label your envelopes and use them as you go for your trips. This will help you stick to your budget.

Sticking to a shopping list will save you money

Shop with a Shopping List

Take a quick inventory check around the house and list down your shopping list before you leave the house. Stick to the list and cross off the items that are in your trolley as you go along. This will curb you from wandering around aimlessly and picking up goods that you do not need.

Use Discounts and Coupons

Look out for good buys through discounts and coupons of the things that you do need. You may want to consider buying in bulk if prices are low. This will save you money in the future.

Compare Prices and Take a Look at Price per Unit

Sometimes your normal brands jack up prices but since you are so used to buying them, you do not realise. Take a look at alternate brands. You may find that they offer better/similar quality produce for lower prices.

In fact, packaging and branding often result in price increases, so take a look at less attractively packaged products. They may be cheaper not because they are of poor quality but just because the company does not indulge in extensive promotional material for its goods.

Also look at prices per unit instead of price per bag or package. This will help you calculate your real expenditure on your purchases.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can reduce price per unit, especially when there are offers. More importantly, it would save you time and petrol which is expensive. Stock up your kitchen to minimise shopping lists in the future.

Establish a Shopping Pool

Find friends or neighbours who share a the same schedule and budgeting sentiments with you. You may want to alternate trips to the shops and save on petrol. In fact, you may even find yourselves collectively buying in bulk and saving even more cash.

Shop After a Meal

Shop after you have eated. This way tidbits and other packed lunches would seen less enticing. This is better for your budget and for your health.

Shop During Non-Peak Times

Shop when the crowds are sparse so you do not end up wasting time waiting in line or roaming round and round in the congestion. Crowds can be stressful and you may end up shopping to release your irritation.

The longer you wait in the cashier’s line, the higher the the chance of you picking up last minute chocolate bars and candy stashed by the check out counter.

Shop without the Kids

Shopping with children can be frustrating when they know how to express their wants. You may end up buying plenty of treats that are not on your list. If you do have to bring your children along, set your ground rules and tell them in advance.

You may want to choose a no-treat trip or a budgeted-treat trip. Stick to your plan once you arrive at the shops.

It would be a good idea to teach your children about budgeting so they feel empathetic towards your spending habits and will eventually help you look out for good offers. Children often like to help and feel important in decision making. In the long run, you would also be cultivating healthy spending habits and curbing their own financial problems – something they would be grateful for when they grow up.

Pay with Cash or a Debit Card

Lastly, use the cash in your envelope to foot the bill. If you are not an envelope person, use your debit card. Do not use your credit card. You may swipe more than you realise and may even forget about making the payment. In the end, you will end up incurring interest, which will cause your budget to run haywire.

Take Shopping Seriously

Yes, shopping is fun, but it is also a serious issue when it comes to spending. Hopefully these tips will help alleviate financial burden when you hit the shops. With more less money spent while shopping, you would be able to save more for your children’s education or invest in profitable investment instruments.

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