People often wear contacts so that the prescription glasses do not hide their faces. Glasses, however, are being made by top of the line designers and companies that enable people not to be afraid of their bifocals. There are many ways to turn prescription glasses into a fashion statement.

Solid Colors

Wearing prescription glasses that have a solid color is a great way to blend your glasses into almost any outfit you want. When picking out a color for your glasses try and pick colors such as dark red, black, and light or dark brown. These colors are acceptable to wear in any job setting whether you’re an at-home writer or a secretary at a law firm. If you want to wear brighter colors such as orange or light blue you may want to have two pairs of glasses; one pair for work and one pair for wearing when you’re out and about.

Match Your Hair and Skin

Certain colors look better with certain hair and skin tones. You don’t want your eyeglasses to fade into your face or take away from the natural beauty of your face either. People who have what is considered a cool skin tone have light eyes, light hair and a light skin tone. With a pale skin tone, you want your glasses to highlight your face, not outshine it. For people with a cool skin tone is best to wear rose, black or blue-grey glasses. For people who have a “warm” skin tone, it is best for them to wear the colors red, copper, gold or peach. Matching color with your skin or hair tone will ensure that glasses highlight your face instead of making it look garish. It is always up to you what color you wear but sticking to a guideline can help you find a color that works best for you.
Fashion with Prescription Glasses

Frames for the Shape of Your Face

Wearing a certain eyeglass frame shape can change your face in a few different ways. If you have sharp features square frames will look best on you. Square frames will enable you to narrow some of your sharp features such as a strong forehead. If your face is more heart-shaped, you should wear glasses with no bottom rim. Having no rim to your eyeglasses will balance your jaw with your cheeks. Round faces should wear thinner rectangular glasses. These eyeglasses thin your face and give you a very sophisticated look. If you have an oval face, you are really in luck! Oval shaped faces can wear almost any shape of the frame and still look good. The only suggestion for someone with an oval face is to wear a wider frame.

Shopping for Frames

Shopping for fashionable eyeglass frames is really easy. You can buy frames from sites like Even easier, the next time you go to your ophthalmologist, he may sell glasses as well. A lot of ophthalmologists have dozens of name brand and fashionable glasses for a reasonable price to sell. The most important thing when shopping for glasses is to remember to pick a pair of glasses that express you and your style; when you do that effectively you will look great!